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Primary Class

In this class, children 7 to 9 will learn about God through songs, crafts, hands-on activities and stories from around the world. Bible stories are fun and interactive, including drama and games that help children grow to know, love and share Jesus.

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Junior Class

The Junior Sabbath School programs are designed for 10 to 12 year olds to stimulate an active mind. Songs, quizzes, games, and activities themed around each week’s Bible lesson make the Junior class a world of fun on Sabbath mornings, while positive take-home messages are reinforced.

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Early Teen & Youth Class

Being a teenager is difficult. There’s pressure to do well in school, have a healthy social life and start thinking about the job you’d like someday. What makes it less difficult? Hanging out with people who know how you feel. Who have similar dreams, interests and questions about the future. Who can provide you with support and encourage you along the way. Join us each Saturday as we connect, chat, and see what the Bible has to say about life, relationships and making good decisions.

Start & Finish Times

Our Sabbath School lessons start from 9.30am to 10.30am, we welcome all children to participate.

Pathfinders Club

Pathfinders is for those aged 10-15 years, and is all about connecting with and making new friends, learning skills and promoting respect for God and His creation. Throughout the year you will participate in theory and practical activities to complete 'honours' from swimming to candle making and knot tying to name a few.  Several camps will occur during the year which includes setting up your own sites, cooking, survival activities and more...

Pathfinder Calendar for 2023

12 August, 7pm - Whakatane Observatory

  • Stargazing at Whakatane Observatory
  • We will need parents help with transport - Families are all welcome
  • There is a $10 per person koha
  • Completing Stars Honour

19 August, 2pm - Walk in Redwoods

  • Usual Sabbath afternoon meeting
  • Possibly including a walk in Redwoods

02 September

  • Usual Sabbath afternoon meeting
  • Preparation for the church service in two weeks’ time

16 September

  • World Pathfinder Day, 
  • Pathfinders taking the church service
  • Usual Sabbath afternoon meeting 2pm 
  • Completing the Sanctuary Honour

17 September Service Project

  • All Pathfinders present at 10am to assist Pr Foote for the Hospital Chapel Service

28 October

  • No Pathfinder meetings in October School Holidays or Labour Weekend, so we might need a meeting on Sabbath

Pathfinders meet every Saturday afternoons on the "first and third" Sabbath of the month for more information please click here to contact us.