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Men's Ministries


Our vision is to inspire personal growth, foster impactful connections and ignite a collective commitment to God's calling,
enriching lives wihtin families, the church and community.


Our mission is to equip and empower men to lead purposeful lives, radiating God's love, and making a
meaningful impact on their homes, communities and across New Zealand.

Nuturing Strength, Spirit and Service

Empowered by strength from God

Guided by the Spirit

Service with Jesus Love

Within society, men bear a distince responsibility, assuming leadership within their families and embodying servant-hearted examples in their communities.  As they progress in maturity and undertake the role of family-building, their significance magnifies, acting as pillars in their capacity as husbands and fathers.

By displaying affectionate guidance whitn their homes, fathers offer their children a glimpse into divine attributes of love, patience, empathy and forgiveness, akin to the qualities of our Heavenly Father.

In this era, it is paramount for men to embrace lives shaped by moral and biblical principles, grounded in a spirit of servant leadership.  In a world weary from mistreatment and disregard by some men, the moment calls for exemplifying the conduct of principled individuals.  This necessitates genuine, unwavering, constructive living, rather than more words in moments of observation.

As a church, we strive to inspire and support our men to assume leadership roles both homes and the broader community, all while serving the purpose of God.