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Support Church Ministries

Supporting Our Ministries

As we continue to grow and expand our church there are ministries that need financial support. Contributions provide a vital role enabling us to make a positive impact on our church family and wider community.

All our ministries are focused on spiritual growth, community outreach or nuturing the next generation, your donations helps us provide resources, organise events and create spaces where lives are transformed and God's love is shared.

Below are some of the active ministries we are engaging, if you wish to donate towards these ministries please click here to email our team - thank you for being a beacon of light in our community.


Focus on fostering personal and spiritual growth, leadership skills and community service for youth from 10 to 15yrs of age


Support & nuture the spiritual, mental and physical development of our children aged 4-9yrs of age

Children's Ministry

Support children grow their relationship with God and a strong understanding of faith as they learn to seek our Lord

Family Ministry

Creating strong foundations of faith and values within families equipping to navigate life's challenges while growing closer to God

Youth Ministry

Empower young peole to live out their faith authentically and to develop strong leaders and individuals for Christ

Health Ministry

To promote a balanced and healthy lifestyle to improve quality of life for individuals understanding our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit

Building Fund

The upkeep and maintenance of the church is imperative for our house of worship - this fund will go towards major building repairs

Library Fund

To provide individuals with access to a wide range of resources enriching lives and spiritual growth

Evangelism & Outreach

The Great Commission is given by Jesus Christ to His disciples to go to all nations teaching & baptising - Matthew 28:18-20, Lets reach people for Jesus

Local Church Fund

To assist the church to operate to meet the needs of the community by keeping its doors open and church active

Five Buck Fund

Our church members wanted a collective fund to support location, national or international initiatives to donate towards